About 360 Virtual Reality Video

360 & Virtual Reality video is the latest must-have marketing tool. With this state-of- the art technology, you can “transport” your customers right to the heart of your story. Using VR headsets, you can immerse viewers in your campaign via a virtual reality experience. Meanwhile, the application is also accessible to view on desktop computers and mobile devices as a 360 video. It really is the next best thing to being there.

Bring your product to your audience

The tech also comes into its own by allowing you to take your product into the marketplace. Many of our clients use virtual reality video at events including trade shows. This works well when the product isn’t portable, for example when promoting destinations, venues, and attractions. Instead this tech allows you to take it there in virtual reality. When it comes to helping people understand your product, whatever it may be, VR has a real ‘Wow’ factor.

Virtual Reality Tours

At Soundview, we can even build you a bespoke tour which is an amazing interactive tool which allows the customer to be totally in control of the VR experience. In fact, this technology has scores of amazing applications. For instance, where access is an issue, our VR tours can also help break down barriers. Used by destinations and heritage sites, an immersive VR tour of any environment means visitors can experience places that they might not otherwise.



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