About Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated graphic design. Essentially, they are a great way to communicate with the viewer. With many online videos lasting well under two minutes, they share important information efficiently. Through a series of animations, they can help unlock important concepts and make a video into something really special. Whether part of your video or the whole thing, they give the audience a real insight into any business. You can use them to show your location or the intricate workings of a product or process. And they help make a video look brilliant too.

A great example is our big screen production for Spirent.  Their video shows how 5G networks will soon become a part of our lives. The challenge was that the technology 5G will enable doesn’t quite exist yet or is in development. How could we feature concepts such as drone deliveries and smart cities? We used Motion Graphics to help to tell the story of life with 5G. The video premiered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on a massive 9 by 5 meter screen, this gave our client maximum impact.

What We Do

Popular options include animated logos which brings a brand to life. Or animated maps,  a great way to geolocate a destination or business. And stylish animated text narratives can support a video’s key message. It means videos can be viewed without sound, great for trade shows stand or use on a mobile devices.

Whether a simple logo reveal or a full 3D rendering, we have it covered. Our in-house team work on the latest Adobe products, creating fantastic graphics and animations.  And if a project requires something a really bespoke, we work with a number of talented designers who use Maya and 3D Studio Max. So, whatever the Motion Graphics requirements for your next project, Soundview are ready and able to take on the challenge.



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