Our latest 360 video production has meant a close encounter of the flippery kind. Yes, penguins. And it’s all thanks to The Living Coast, Torquay. Because they wanted a 360 video of their penguins swimming underwater: great idea!

A video of this kind was possible because of our new waterproof 360 camera. Weighted to the bottom, it meant we could film the penguins feeding as they swam. A waterproof casing protects the camera while the fish-eye lens captures the action in 360.  These are Macaroni penguins, a vulnerable species from sub Antarctica, so it’s a real privilege to video them.

We needed perfect conditions to film. Clear water, good light and divers ready. Thankfully, that all came together and we can’t wait to see the footage.

360 Video Production: How it Works for Our Clients

For The Living Coast, 360 video will mean their customers get a penguin-eyed view.  And because it’s truly interactive (you can look all around you from the viewpoint of the camera) the experience will be amazing. It’s the next best thing to standing in the tank and looking around as the penguins swim by.

And for each of our clients, 360 video has meant that they can give their visitors a great insight into what’s on offer. For Lappa Valley, Cornwall it’s a chance to take a virtual ride on their steam train. Whereas for Hangloose Adventures, Cornwall it gives visitors an opportunity to wear VR headsets and virtually experience what it’s like to take the leap of faith required for their vertigo-inducing activities. Check out our blogs below to find out more.

Lappa Valley

Hangloose Adventures




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