The Civic Centre in Plymouth city centre has been standing empty since 2015. And now, as we enter a post-Covid-19 city, all eyes are on the regeneration of empty spaces.

Showing in the new Market Hall dome on the 30th of September, Soundview has created a VR mini-documentary on this local landmark, with the help and support of this research project by Professor Igea Troniani.

Regenerating is such an important part of allowing areas to make new use of disused or underused buildings, while still preserving the history it holds.

Our Work with The Civic Centre

The film speaks of its rich history, from post WW2 planning on rebuilding the city, which was heavily bombed, to the opening in 1962 by Queen Elizabeth II. By 2007, the building had been listed as Grade II by English Heritage. And with the council feeling that the building was becoming too expensive to maintain and not needed for their office’s needs, the building was put on sale and sold to Urban Splash for only £1.

Using a mixture of 360 and Drone footage to make this film; We spent the day at Civic Square, allowing Troiani to tell her story of the Civic Centre and its history, as well as interview members of the public and give their option on this ‘Marmite’ building.

We then spend a couple of days gathering drone footage of the area, as well as using Red Air Media access to footage of the civic area. The results are of a building clearly left to fall apart and in desperate need of repair.

It also allows the viewer a chance to take in the views, much the same visitor would have when visiting the rooftop cafe all those years ago.

The long-standing Civic Centre will hopefully have better days ahead with the new ownership and plans from Urban Splash. However, it is history that will forever be remembered.


Check out our mini-documentary at the Market Hall from the 30th of September.

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