Since The Dome at The Market Hall in Plymouth opened its doors in the summer, we’ve been looking for opportunities to combine live action with our own 360 content. So we were delighted when The Theatre Royal reached out and asked us to create the virtual sets for a brand new production.

But these weren’t any old sets, these cover a 360 space, where the actors are in the centre of the auditorium and play in the round. ‘When This Is Over’ is the newest production from the Theatre Royal Plymouth Young Company and highlights the impact the changing world has on young people.

When This Is Over

The characters take us through their life in stages, from playing in the playground, school days to mass participation events. From there, the events of 2020 start to appear, with the lockdown announcement taking our characters attention and reactions. Other world changing events are shown which really sends home the important messages to the audience.

From here, we move ahead in time, to the future. Of course, nobody knows what will be happening in the future, but the actors took this in their stride and created some fun and creative ideas of where their lives may lead them.

Creative Possibilities

Creating this content for the Dome was an exciting challenge. When objects or people move in the video, it can sometimes create a feeling of motion sickness or dizziness so reviewing the content in person is key. You won’t know how any of the footage looks until its projected and from there, adjustments can be made.

The content is created using a 360 camera, with 6 lenses capturing each section. From there, we splice it together to create a 360 video. The magic of editing allows us to convert this 360 degree video into something that works in the immersive space, all while allowing the audience to view everything around them.

We are so excited to be creating immersive dome production content and working along side the Theatre Royal and their Young Company has been a wonderful experience. The live performances were amazing and some brilliant young actors to look out for in the future!


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