Soundview have created an immersive 360 Virtual Reality film of World War 2 events for D-Day commemorations at Trebah Garden, Cornwall. To mark this important anniversary, Trebah have organised an outreach program and exhibition where the 360 VR video helps bring past events to life. Viewed via an Oculus headset and entitled “Operation Bolero”, it features three short scenes based on experiences of locals. The VR film gives a chance to be ‘part’ of these historic events.

Trebah VR Film

The VR film has two important roles. Firstly it was instrumental in preparations for Trebah’s epic promenade performance piece for the D-Day commemoration. Realising the power of 360 VR video, Trebah shared it with residents living in care homes across Falmouth. The immersive experience acted as a starting point for conversations about “life in Cornwall during WWII”. These conversations provided a unique insight into the period and were used to inform the script for the promenade.

Secondly, the film is at the centre of an exhibition in Trebah’s visitor centre. Visitors can experience events from 1944, in an immersive way, providing an opportunity to get a sense of what life was like.

Created in partnership with Hall for Cornwall Youth Theatre and Youth Dance, the five minute long 360° VR film features a cast of fifty wearing 1940’s costume. Re-enacted in various locations around Trebah, the film explores events that took place in 1944. Viewers of the VR video can experience key moments, such as when local children witnessed enemy planes fly overhead or  residents jived to the sound of Glenn Miller in the town hall.

Soundview captured the footage in one day. With our Fusion 360 camera set up in the middle of the actors, during the various scenes, the film allows viewers to be in the middle of the action. They can then look around to see the events unfold in 360. We also used a Wiral, a device that enables the camera to ‘fly’ over the actors, as they perform.

D Day Commemorations

The Trebah VR film is part of a series of events that commemorate the 75th anniversary of D Day, also known as Operation Overlord. In June 1944 thousands of American servicemen from the 29th US Infantry division embarked from Trebah’s Beach.  Then known as Polgwidden Cove, the troops left Cornwall, headed for the beaches of Normandy. There will be performances and exhibitions throughout June that recall this event.

Troops preparing for D Day Trebah Beach.

Troops preparing for D Day Trebah Beach.


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