Our latest work for Hangloose Adventures, Cornwall, is a 360 VR video promo featuring all of their extreme rides. It showcases the newest activities that await visitors. But this is not just any ordinary promotional video. In fact, the video gives visitors a unique immersive experience and shows them exactly what it’s like to be on rides, via a VR headset. Whilst they sit comfortably with feet firmly planted on the ground, they get to experience what its like to take to the air on Skywire or Freefall 10 storeys .

This is all possible because of the latest video technology: 360 VR video. Our six 4K cameras have captured a 360 experience that visitors can view in angloose’s new VR Extreme Centre.  There, customers can experience the rides without taking the plunge!

Hangloose 360 VR experience video – If you don’t dare!

Of course, you can experience all these rides at Hangloose Adventure in real-life, but test it out virtually first if you prefer. Our video features highlights of each ride to create  an entire virtual reality extreme experience! And this also means Hangloose has something for those are unable to access the rides or those who simply don’t want to. And having seen (and tried out) the activities on offer, we understand why some people might decide to stick to terra firma: some of the rides really are, extreme!

What’s Hangloose like? Well it’s all in the names: there’s ‘Gravity’ and ‘K2’ climbing.  ‘The Drop’ which lets you jump 10m over a cliff edge. You could experience ‘Big Air’  or if you really dare try their new 25m drop ‘Freefall’. ‘Sky Wire’  zooms over the entire Eden Project with speeds of up to 60mph!  Finally ‘Vertigo 360’ is a 10m swing that loops 360 degrees. Not for the faint-hearted.

Further into the virtual world..

This is the latest application of our 360 VR cameras and shows just some of the potential of this cutting edge technology. In the last 18 months, Soundview have used this fantastic 360 tech for many clients, in lots of ways. Venues, destinations and marketing agencies are all realising how it can work for them. In fact, when we take our 360 films  to events around the country, they are a real talking point. See our blogs on  360 VR here:

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