A video shoot meant a close encounter of the furry kind! Soundview recently filmed wildlife, for local zoos, with our 360 VR camera. We captured some spectacular footage to create several immersive films. It was a really exciting shoot with cameras up posts, on poles and underwater. What we didn’t quite anticipate was how close some of the wildlife would want to get!

Wildlife 360 VR close encounter: tigers check us out

We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot We were lucky enough to video some of the world’s most fascinating animals – all in the name of science! Our 360 VR films starred majestic Tigers, a mighty Crocodile, mischievous Meerkats and the Macaroni Penguins. But you never can tell quite how animals will react to being filmed. And as you can see, they were as interested in us as we were in them.

360 VR videos for the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

The four 360 VR videos were made for the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust and show what they do  for animal enrichment  The WWCT is a registered education, scientific and conservation charity based in Devon. Essentially, the charity offers their animals a stimulating and natural habitat. And animal enrichment is a big part of that. The use of VR means audiences videos are virtually in the enclosures.   The videos starred:

Sumatran Tiger at Paignton Zoo: Fabi the Tiger gave us a scare when we set up a 360 VR rig of camera alongside his dinner to get some great action shots.

Cuban Croc at Paignton Zoo: We filmed this guy on land but also underneath the water by setting up our 360 VR GoPros on a secure stand in the water.

African Penguins at Living Coast Zoo and Aquarium: We captured these quirky birds feeding under water and on land.

And a mob of Meerkats at Newquay Zoo: seeing them in full action running hey scurried in and out to see us.

360 video production Living Coast penguins

360 video production Living Coast penguins

Films at Scientist Live exhibition

Our films are at the New Scientist Live event in Excel London this week. Visitors can experience the animals up close – VERY.  Our wildlife 360 VR close encounter  means that audiences have one too! You can read about our (camera’s) extremely close encounter with Fabi the Tiger here.

360 VR video

Our films will be showcased at this popular science event. Its the second time our VR films featured at an event. It means our clients give their audience into what makes them special. And in the last year, interest in 360 VR has boomed.

We have been using the tech for the last 18 months and it is still only early days in terms of how far it will go. On each project we discover even more potential. The possibilities are wide and far!


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Penguins Underwater…Our latest 360 video production

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