Soundview travelled to London last week for the VR World Conference at Olympia. With Virtual Reality really making it’s mark in the technology world, this exhibition brought visitors closer to the experience. The conference focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. It was an exhibition for future emerging tech and as film makers we were there to find out more. We explored the exhibition to experience different realities which we could bring to our clients. As an innovative company, we strive to be ahead of the game.

There were many businesses showcasing different tech in the realms of different realities.

360 VR Environments

We met Igloo Vision with their 360 domes, which act as an all-around experience through projection. Stepping inside this projection space is like stepping in to a giant VR headset. Deeply immersed with sound and vision. This is the type of kit we could adopt for clients who’re looking for a walk-in VR environment.

South West video production London Olympia VR conference. The Igloo Vision 360 dome acting as a VR environment around you.

The Igloo Vision 360 dome immerses you in a VR environment.

Sensory booth

Another company that we had the pleasure of meeting were Sensiks. Their sensory booth goes further than a VR headset. With your senses being heightened through heat, air and scents; it can bring you in to an experience of feeling euphoric or to recall past memories. Taking VR one step further we travelled through a forest and city scape with pine tree scent being blown in to the booth to enhance the experience.

South West video production London Olympia VR conference. Gareth trying out the Sensiks sensory booth.

Gareth trying out the sensory booth by Sensiks.

Mixed reality

This HoloLens from Microsoft brings holographic people or objects in to the real world. They look and sound like they are a part of your world, creating a mixed reality. Through a lens headset you can move freely and interact with people around you. So without blocking out the real world you can see holograms.

South West video production London Olympia VR conference. Chris trying out the Micorsoft HoloLens kit with holograpic images

Chris experience the Microsoft HoloLens holographic kit.

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