We are really excited to be working with Heritage Ability to create a groundbreaking accessible VR Tour of  Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall. As explained  in our ‘making of’ video above, the VR tour features stunning 360 film footage of this important World Heritage Site. Viewed through an Oculus headset, visitors to the mine and mill will experience Geevor via virtual reality. The 360 video will improve access for those who might not otherwise have enjoyed all the site has to offer, for example those with reduced mobility.

VR Tour

When it comes to access, heritage sites often present challenges. But with this technology and our expertise, the once inaccessible becomes something everyone can enjoy, in virtual reality at least. The VR tour features ‘fly through footage’ of the tunnels and mill as well as amazing aerial views. All available to view in full 360 degrees. With a tour guide voice-over and optional subtitles, it replicates the full visitor experience.

Improved Accessibility

The VR Tour is at the leading edge of the use of virtual reality for access. This is something we are passionate about. As soon as VR arrived on the market, we recognised its potential to make less accessible places possible for more people. In its infancy, we experimented with the technology to create tours. We sought out software that would enable us to create  visitor experiences that worked for everyone. So when we heard about Heritage Ability, whose mission it is to makes heritage sites more accessible, we knew that there was perfect symbiosis.

The Shoot

Soundview take the lead when it comes to new video production technology. For the VR Tour, we used our GoPro Fusion camera.  Attached to our DJI Inspire drone, we captured the  amazing  360 aerial footage of the site, which perches near the cliffs in West Penwith. And with our Wiral Cable Cam we were able to ‘fly’ our camera through the mine and mill. Much of the ‘magic’ in VR Tours happens in post production. For this tour we had new software which gave us more options for essential elements such as signposting and subtitles.

It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with Heritage Ability and Geevor Tin Mine on this ground-breaking project. The VR Tour is due to be unveiled at a launch event on July 19th at Geevor Tin Mine, where invited guests will have an opportunity to try it out.  We’re really excited and can’t wait to hear what they think. Look out for our blog  with their reviews soon after that date…

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