When we’re out on location capturing drone video, people regularly approach us to talk about our Inspire 2 drone. Because the technology looks so futuristic, and fun to fly, people want to find out about it. They often talk to us about wanting to buy their own. And you can understand why, its amazing equipment. The footage the drone captures was once only achievable with a big budget, requiring a plane or helicopter. We have been flying now for over five years and adopted the technology early as we knew that aerial footage would be great for our client’s films. Since owning our first DJI Phantom, we have been able to offer our clients those desirable birds-eye-views. Now with our Inspire 2 we can even capture 360 video from the air.

Drone video: operating commercially

But right from the start we undertook training and have flown with the correct certification. Operating commercially requires a license (Permissions For Commercial Operations from The Civil Aviation Authority). This means that we follow stringent safety regulations and hold all the necessary insurance policies. We are “legally” allowed to fly and film, but always within certain limits. Unfortunately, we have all seen headlines about drones having near misses with passenger aircraft. It’s very likely that these incidents happen because the operators do not have the correct training to operate a drone.

New Legislation

So we welcome new legislation that governs all unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) users. The  update to existing legislation recognises the growth in the number of people flying fixed wing or multi rotor remotely operated aircraft. Now, under the new air navigation order, all operators must fly below 400ft and away from airports. There are also restrictions for flying in congested areas and close to people and vehicles. Further laws will come into effect in the coming months to ensure all drones are registered and pilots are competent to fly.
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The practicalities of flying and aerial video:
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