If you’ve been around Plymouth’s waterfront recently, you may just have spotted the newly updated Osprey Hovercraft. During the trails, the team here at Soundview was invited to create a video demonstrating the new features of the craft.

Filmed on a sunny Saturday morning, we got to experience the Osprey Hovercraft in action. Using a mixture of action cameras on board, filming from land and drone in the sky, we managed to capture not only the beauty of the River Plym and Jennycliff Bay but the amazing power and speed of the hovercraft.


Filming was conducted at low tide to test out the capability of this craft, on both water and land, and the transition it can make between the two.

The Osprey hovercraft carried out a sound and mobility test with its new skirt as well as a new engine being fitted with the hope it will reduce noise and increase efficiency, both very important for the local environment.

Osprey has been supported by the Marine Biological Association and the Marine Business Technology Centre; helping them find the materials needed for the skirt and the perfect location to test it out.

Overall a wonderful shoot on a beautiful day and an opportunity to film on a hovercraft don’t come along often!

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