This summer we made a trip back to one of our favourite locations, Hangloose at the Eden Project. With the summer holidays attracting lots of adventurous families, Hangloose requested an up to date, new version of the previous Skywire Zipline film.

Hangloose Cornwall video production.

This is our latest Hangloose Cornwall video production, so we were excited to use our recent camera kit upgrades. It was the perfect opportunity to utilise our Fusion 360. We sent our GoPros and the Fusion 360 down the longest zip line in England several times so we had plenty of angles to cut between. Furthermore, we featured the registration process in this film, giving visitors a good understanding of what they will have to do to prepare for the activity.

The incredible zip line takes you over the domes and amazing architecture at the Eden Project. We were able to encapsulate this using the Fusion 360 and the Overcapture technique. This gives the viewers the ability to look over the domes as if they were really flying down the Skywire.

Furthermore, we sent our drone up to the skies and captured some breathtaking aerials of the Cornish location.

Birds eye view of Hangloose at the Eden Project

Birds eye view of Hangloose at the Eden Project

Disability access via 360 video

This time, Hangloose also commissioned a separate film featuring the incredible opportunity for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility  to experience the Skywire activity. We captured the process of how  you can  be carefully hoisted up to the tower, before being safely flown back to earth. The film is in post-production so keep an eye out on Hangloose’s and our social media pages to find out when it’s live!

Fin takes on the Skywire for his work experience with Soundview Media

Fin takes on the Skywire for his work experience with Soundview Media

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