Devon Wrecks

This week we were up at the crack of dawn to film some very special Devon wrecks. Two wrecks lie on the beach at Westward Hoe! in North Devon. The Devon shipwrecks have just been granted protected status by Historic England (formally English Heritage). This will provide them with the protection they need to last for future generations.

The larger of the two wrecks which features in our video production for Historic England is The Sally. As she was on her way from Portugal to Bristol, laden with wine, she was wrecked on this beautiful Devon beach. The Devon wrecks can only be seen at low tide and lie close to the town. And they’re not always visible as winter storms will deposit sand on them, covering them up.

Aerial Video Devon Wrecks

The Devon wrecks were perfect for aerial video work. From the air you get to see the outline and make out the bow and stern. They looked so impressive from the air and Westward hoe! doesn’t look too bad either!

Making the Most of Media Coverage – Same Day Delivery

The Devon wrecks received lots of  media coverage so we were required to deliver the film on the same day as shoot. This meant Chris had to use our mobile edit equipment , while Gareth drove them safely back to Plymouth.  On arrival in Plymouth, the Devon wrecks film was finessed and delivered. The result was that the video was there online for all to see that day, meaning that the most was made of interest generated by the news story. Plus should any news rooms want our footage we could supply it to them.


When we arrived it was not quite high tide. Consequently the wrecks weren’t visible. So we asked a number of locals to tell us the direction of their location. The locals were mostly early morning dog walkers and a couple of surfers. Not everyone knew about the wrecks and there were different opinions about the whereabouts. We were eventually able to locate the wrecks in order to position ourselves for the outgoing tide. At this point we were ready.

Once the tide was low enough we could take off. Beaches look so beautiful in the early morning sunshine. Checkout the dramatic video of the wrecks above? Nothing like a day out on the beach, and a good days work.

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