Should you be watching ITV Central, you may get the chance to see our recent updated English Riviera advert. Scheduled to reach target audiences in the Midlands, and in time for those all important summer bookings, it entices visitors to this gorgeous bit of South Devon. Originally created for 2018, this is  a reversion for a 2019 audience. The advert was filmed during a gloriously sunny spell in 2017, and features actors, including Corkie the dog.


Making the English Riviera Advert

Our client the English Riviera wanted to celebrate the natural beauty of the area whilst capturing the fun range of activities it offers. They particularly wanted to attract visitors in the over 50’s category. We created a story board that included various stunning South coast locations. Then we organised auditions for actors in the right age category. When Anthea and Martin auditioned, with Corkie, we knew they were perfect! With everything in place and  a fine weather forecast, we were ready to shoot.

Corkie, star of the show!

On the shoot we used a wide range of 4K cameras: from aerial to underwater. Our Inspire 2 drone provided some amazing aerial  footage of the bay while our water proof  4K Gopro meant we could film whilst in the sea. With all of the video footage ‘in the can’ as it were, it was back to the studio for post production. Post production, or editing as its otherwise known, is not exactly a dark art, but it is where good footage becomes great video. Music and colour grading happen at this point and those all important brand graphics too. Once this stage was complete, we sent the advert to our client to check it.

On location, with the actors and a photographer.

Initially promoting the English Riviera  as a holiday destination in 2018, the 2019 re-edit aims to increase visitor numbers once again.  Let’s hope they have a bumper year.

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