Of course, it’s always great to see our work at the top off our client’s homepages, but that’s not the only reason why we are such fans of website banner videos. We just think that they are the best way to to celebrate a destination. And it seems our Our Devon and Cornwall video production clients agree.

Banner Videos Looming Large

Well, we are pleased to say that many of our biggest destination clients, agree with us.Visit Devon, Visit Dorset and Visit Cornwall all use banner videos. No more hiding that video in a gallery, or halfway down the homepage. Also known as header videos, our clients are proudly showing off their destinations using their videos right up top and full width on their homepage.  And its isn’t just our clients and us who are convinced of the merits of banner videos.

Web Banner Videos or Header Videos

Increasingly companies are using video this way to showcase their destinations,  products and services. Why? Well, we all know that videos are a great way to connect with audiences: better SEO, more time on your website and  better conversion rates. But, by making that video the first thing you see on your homepage, there up top, loud and proud, web banner videos immediately show exactly what you offer.  Customers are instantly immersed in your brand. Bonus: they look pretty good too!

Top Tips for Banner Videos

If you plan to use banner videos, there are a few things you might like to consider:

  1. First impressions matter, so ensure your video banners create the right one with high quality video that communicates your brand.
  2. This is true for any video: make sure it has a clear narrative. For example, if you are a destination, it should show what’s it like to visit and the experiences on offer there. For a product, how might you use it, what functions does it have? Finally for services, who is providing these and how might they help?
  3. Sound. Make this optional. Your video should work without sound (remember it might be viewed on a mobile)  but allow viewers the option to listen if they want to. This could either be natural sounds, voice over or music.
  4. Accessibility: if there is a voice over, use subtitles.
  5. Finally, remember web banner videos might not suit every page on your site. For example, if you want visitors to process a lot of information, like on your pricing page , a simple header will likely work best because video can be distracting.

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