Video for Favis of Salcombe, Devon-Cracking Crab

Our recent video for Favis of Salcombe, Devon is on their front page and we don’t mind saying it looks good too. Favis is an internationally recognised supplier of crab and lobster specialising in the freshest South Devon cracked crab. We wanted our film to reflect, as in all of our work, the quality of their offering, which reaches markets as far away as China. A family-run business, they take pride in the unique nature and freshness of their products. Our film celebrates and demonstrates why Favis of Salcombe crab is the very best. You can find out more about Favis here.

The video describes the pride the family feel towards their products and shows the hard-working crew of the Emma Jane catching crab off the South Devon coast. We were blessed with superb weather for filming and the South Devon coast is shown in all its glory. Our video takes the viewer on a journey from catch to table. You can watch it here.

Mitch Tonks, award winning chef and restaurateur, describes why he uses Favis crab in his Seahorse Restaurant, Dartmouth. Luckily for us, we got to sample some of the cooking-who knew crab, garlic, chilli and spaghetti could taste so good. But that’s because he uses the best ingredients-Favis crab. Mitch Tonks owns a number of restaurants through out the UK, click here.

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