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Soundview's experience at the 2024 Extraordinary Festival at the 'hidden gem' Market Hall in Devonport

The Includiverse

Here at Soundview we strongly believe in creating a space for everyone. We are both a disability confident and a climate conscious business, and together we take steps towards the ‘includiverse’, a world designed with everyone in mind. The Extraordinary Festival 2024 was the perfect chance for Soundview to showcase how we use immersive technology to increase accessibility for all.

During the festival Gareth, Chris and Ceri were on hand to showcase VR  for a 360 look inside the Cornwall Air Ambulance, and to demonstrate  a new Smart Glasses app which allows the wearer to access screen entertainment subtitles . The festival ran over three days with three very different audiences in mind, and true to our ethos, the tech was not only impressive but accessible to everyone.


The first day saw the Devonport Market Hall welcoming Key Stage 3 pupils from across Plymouth and Devon for a day of engagement and hands-on learning. The facilities at the Market Hall are a great resource for schools, the immersive dome is always a big hit with young audiences.

Soundview’s VR goggles in action.


Everyone leaves education but no one ever stops learning, and the industry day at The Extraordinary Festival proved that first hand. The day was filled with inspiring talks from innovative personalities all using immersive technology in their own unique way. These included an app that allows you to identify egg shells, 360 shark swimming and Soundview  showcasing our Smart Glasses app in the dome.

Soundview’s managing director Gareth Allen demonstrating his Smart Glasses

The demo received a very positive reception and people asked plenty of questions about the further development of the product. The Smart Glasses will eventually have British Sign Language interpretation available for the user, and the ability to change the size and colour of the subtitle font. This goal is now one step closer to being realised as further funding has recently been secured.

One of many industry-led panel discussions from throughout the day

Hearts and Minds

A key feature of the event was the idea of Hearts and Minds, wherein we use technology to bring people together, provide unique experiences and open up the world that little bit more. On the final day of the festival the general public were invited to get their own hands on experience of immersive tech.  VR  and immersive environments can bring the beach to a wheelchair user, under sea life to those who can’t swim, a calming walk along the river to those who aren’t lucky enough to live by the coast. The only limit is your imagination.

Soundview coming at you from inside a lemon

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