What Happens in Vegas…

Whether it’s a beautiful expanse of desert landscape or the promise of catching an Elvis tribute on the strip, Las Vegas Nevada is always worth a visit, even if gambling and live magic shows aren’t really your thing. Sin City can be an all-round experience – and that’s where the sphere comes in. 

Sphere and Immersive Media

Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is the world’s largest spherical structure at over 360 feet tall with 160k square feet of LED display canvas and holds the capacity for an impressive 20,000 on standing. The sphere opened on 29th September 2023 with promises to host a variety of entertainment. The venture combines classic Vegas glitz with current technological advancements – think robots, holograms and original immersive experiences. Not science fiction anymore. 

The Sphere in Las Vegas, with the exterior made to look like an emoji

The Sphere in Las Vegas, showing one of the many designs projected on the Exosphere

From Las Vegas to Devonport

Sphere is not the first immersive dome in the world. There are thousands of them from four corners of the world. Fortunately you don’t have to travel very far, because right here in Devonport we have one of our very own! Thanks to the innovation of Real IdeasThe Market Hall can boast Europe’s largest immersive dome at 15 meters tall with an impressive 19.1 sound system and the all-important 360 degree visuals. Plymouth’s immersive dome opened in 2021 – two years prior to the opening of the Las Vegas Sphere.

The immersive dome caters to all ages and needs – some of the incredible experiences on offer include screenings to stimulate the senses and taster days for the budding designer in you. It is so important to educate and inspire the youth of today – you don’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas or have lots of money in order to experience the latest in cutting edge technology. Real Ideas have partnered up with Arts University Plymouth to create a Master’s Course in Immersive Media. The future is closer than you think!

If you are interested in learning more about immersive media, check out what Soundview has to offer.