At Soundview, we’ve taken big steps to make our 2021 media training meet the demands of a world with Covid. What do these steps look like? Well, not only does our training meet guidelines on social distancing, it also reflects recent trends for news interviews online. In addition, we cover corporate social responsibility – a growing initiative.

Getting Ready for the Media Post Lockdown

In 2021, with the prospect of unlock, face-to-face coaching will again be a possibility. But until we are all able to meet up without restrictions, we will be taking some extra steps. The first step is testing; we provide rapid flow tests for all involved.  For the time being, we may also need to  limit group numbers, repeating instruction for a second and third cohorts for larger groups. In addition, for social distancing, room size is a consideration. And of course for now, continued mask wearing while it is a requirement.

Another development, and one we believe is likely to continue indefinitely, is the use of online interviews by the media. Even when we can all move around freely, news providers will continue to use these. Without the need to travel, Zoom (other online platforms are available!) means that interviewees can be before the camera before they know it. So, as well as giving those on our training courses the confidence to talk to the traditional mediums of newspaper, radio or TV, we arm them with the tools to do their stuff on line.

How ? Well, as well as being the subject of intensive interviews – our candidates also assume the role of director.  In addition to learning about what to say and how, they learn about things such as lighting and framing. We provide easy to follow guidelines, plus scenario-based activities that cover newspaper, radio, TV and zoom interviews. In short, we ensure that everyone leaves knowing how to stay on message confidently, no matter where an interview takes place.

Corporate Social Responsibility Part of 2021 Media Training

Our trainers, Gareth Allen and Louise Midgley, have over 40 years of combined expertise in newspaper, radio and television journalism. They know news from the inside and understand how journalists tick.  But with the addition of Chris Hines MBE to our 2021 media training team, businesses can be sure that their messaging reflects a commitment to wider issues. Chris is a corporate social responsibility and sustainability consultant, whose work with organisations focuses on the bigger picture. This includes looking at all aspects of running a responsible organisation and how they may be perceived by all stakeholders, from your customers, team and the media.

Here’s what Ward Williams Associates, who participated in our 2020 socially distanced media training had to say:

Thank you Louise, Gareth and Chris for today, it was brilliant, we all learned so much. ” Andy Snapes, Senior Partner, Ward Williams Associates.

A massive thank you for a brilliant day. It was both informative and enjoyable, plus I’m sure it took all of us out of our comfort zone at some point, which is a great way to learn.” Craig Tanner, WWA.

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