The Box on Screen is a series of fun, behind the scene videos where during each 30 minute episode, archivists and curators from The Box, Plymouth chat about historic films from their archive. Each online video features a lively conversation that explores a different theme. We’ve been working closely with The Box to create this content.

screenshot form the box on Screen behind the scenes video series featuring archive footage

The episodes take the form of a conversation.

The Box on Screen

We have been lucky to produce lots of content for The Box, but this project is unique in its approach. Using a multi-camera technique, we record two presenters, who are largely unscripted, as they discuss the theme and archive footage. They provide historical context, explaining the footage from the point of view of those there at the time. Shot behind the scenes in the new Box building, the videos are an informal but informative insight into their amazing archive collection.

And it is an amazing collection, amounting to the equivalent of 10,000 hours of film. Thankfully the nice people at The Box have delved into that impressive resource to find the best bits for the Box on Screen series.

The Episodes

The episodes build on the award-winning ‘The Box on the Box’ live-streamed Lockdown digital reminiscence sessions which aimed at tackling isolation during Covid 19. Designed to spark memories and start conversations, the sessions had a particular focus on those within a care setting. It was a great way to connect with community. Of course being involved with this, the next stage of the project makes us very proud.

Screenshot of rare colour footage of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother visiting Plymouth during the Blitz

Rare colour footage of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother visiting Plymouth during the Blitz

Themes covered so far are The Blitz of Plymouth, which features rare colour war-time film, Fashion, Rural Life and Women. Some of the footage is taken from television and film productions of the time, others from keen amateurs. Together, it makes for a fascinating perspective and brings the past to life. We can’t wait for the latest episode to be aired later this week: Plymouth After Dark. For some of the team in our Plymouth video production company, that edit brought back some memories of Union Street in it hey day!

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