Everyone loves a time lapse video. There’s a real magic to seeing something reveal in front of your eyes, especially something that has taken weeks or months to realise. One of our latest films for The Box in Plymouth features a time lapse of the installation of a massive showcase.

Our Art Gallery Time Lapse

The Box, Plymouth’s newly transformed Art Gallery and Museum, has a phenomenal decorative art collection. This has been safely stored for years during construction work. As the project neared completion, the collection found its new home in the ‘Our Art’ gallery. This spectacular space shows off each piece in all its glory.
But the move took time. Carefully planned and built, the display took shape over a number of weeks. Past experience told us that the best way to capture this was time lapse video.

Not Just One Time-lapse Camera but Two

So, we placed two time-lapse cameras in the Our Art gallery. These recorded the installation over a period of weeks from two different perspectives. For the tech minded amongst you, we captured the main shot on an Enlaps Tikee – a very cool two lens 4K camera. This not only has the capability of sending the images over wifi, but also has an onboard solar panel to keep it charged. That means that for those longer term jobs, when your batteries may otherwise run out, the camera keeps on filming.
The Our Art collection is just one of a whole host of brand new galleries that visitors can experience at The Box in Plymouth. See more of our work with The Box Plymouth and other clients.
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