All eyes are on The Millennium building, located on Union Street, Plymouth. Now under the responsibility of Nudge Community builders, they’re seeking support from the local community in the form of a crowdfunded project.

Soundview was given the opportunity to film inside this spectacular, now sadly dilapidated building and learned more about the project.

Filming a tour within the Millennium

What do you remember the Building as?

Cinema, dance hall, roller disco and nightclub. Throughout its time, the Millennium building has seen it all. With Nudge, the hope is for this space to become a part of the community again.

Making use of its size and space, the plans are to use the building as a music and entertainment venue once again. With creatives having the opportunity to preform, create and make use of the spaces. It’s hoped this will in turn create jobs and contribute to the local community and city.

But Nudge can’t do it alone. They’ve started a crowdfunding project that allows supporters to invest in The Millennium, and in return, watch and take part in the buildings next chapter, and earn interest on their investment.

Our Love for Nudge.

Soundview has been a long time supporter of Nudges projects. It’s only right if we make use of the spaces that we get to film and highlight them. The Millennium is no exception, with half of Soundview staff been a part of its nightclub days!

Hannah being filmed

Talking to Hannah and Wendy, it’s clear to see from the love and excitement for this project. We’re wishing them every success and can’t wait to see the final outcome of this much loved landmark in Plymouth.


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