Ground Breaking Plymouth History Centre

Ground Breaking Plymouth History Centre. Yes, it’s started. This week our video shows Plymouth’s Mayor breaking ground for the very first stage of construction of the Plymouth History Centre. It’s really exciting but lots has happened to get this point. Because, years of preparation and planning led to this point. As can be seen, Paul Brookes, Executive Director of the Plymouth History Centre says:

It’s been a long, long journey, years and years of ambition to have this project…at last the building work starts.

And what does this stage of the project mean? The Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery has been carefully decanted and all exhibits and artefacts moved out.  Travelling and pop up exhibitions will happen until the building work is completed in 2020. Now, the contractors can begin the work. And in 2020, Plymouth will  have a centre where all of its rich history can be viewed and celebrated. Paul Brookes added:

It will be a project that is three times the size of current museum and art gallery and we will have the spaces to do some really great exhibitions.

Ground Breaking Plymouth History Centre

To mark the occasion, Plymouth’s Mayor donned wellies and picked up a spade. Plymouth City Councillors attended, as well as representatives from Wilmott Dixon, the building contractors. It was a proud moment. And we were glad to video it as part of our ongoing work with the Plymouth History Centre.

Plymouth Video Production Company Capture Making History

That really should be the headline. Because we have filmed many of the stages leading to this moment. We  are based in Plymouth, Devon, so we are so pleased to be working on this project. And we will continue to capture the making of history in the city. The result: ultimately, the videos will be a historical record, because together, they will show the project from start to finish. So, here are some highlights:

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