Sid TV UK Safer Internet Day 2017

Sid TV Safer Internet Day 2017. Safer Internet Day 2017 is rapidly approaching. February 7 will soon be here and it’s the day that schools and homes around the country tune into SID TV. Because they want to find out about how to use the internet safely. In order to get the message across, our videos for SID TV are aimed at target audiences.

Sid TV Safer Internet Day 2017

This year,¬†students and families can go to to the Safer Internet YouTube channel (SID TV) to watch our videos. Each video, whether for 5-7 year olds; 7-11 year olds; 11-14 year olds; 14-18 year olds; or adults, explores images online. Themes such as `what pictures say about you’ generate discussion. There also learning packs available to schools. So they can devote lesson time to discussing these really important issues.

UK Safer Internet Centre

This is our third year working with the UK Safer Internet Centre. Each year the theme is different but always about promoting safe use of the internet. ¬†As technology evolves and we all use the internet more and more, we need to understand our relationship with it. Images posted now, for fun, are there indefinitely. So it’s really important to stop and think before posting something. Not that we shouldn’t post at all.

Of course it’s just as important for young people and adults alike to enjoy using the internet. What the UK Safer Internet Centre want is for everyone to have fun and be safe.

The UK Safer Internet Centre chose us, a Plymouth video production company, to produce their films. Here are some of last year’s videos. Watch our blog for more 2017 videos.

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