Product Video

Product Video is a useful way to explain to visitors to your website (or at events) what your product does. Simple. Well, there is a little more to it than that because what video shows to potential customers is how they can use your product in a REAL LIFE SITUATION. This works for global customers too.

Headkayse launched their product with one of our videos,, clearly explaining the advantages of their revolutionary bike helmet.

Its essential for customers to understand the advantages of your product and posting a  video on your website means that you can explore all of these through clear demonstrations of your product being used. See our Swiftie video  for an example of product demonstration. You can even use video to show easy assembly if you want.

Brand Identity

Another way that a video of your product can help your business is to create a strong brand identity. Our Favis of Salcombe video gives a great insight into the family run business and the quality of their product. The video tells a story that encompasses the history of the business and the journey their product undertakes from sea to table.

Strong brand identity builds customer confidence in your business and when they are thinking about a purchase, they are more likely to recall you, especially if  they have seen your video. Our video for Headkayse is an example of a product video that not only builds brand identity but also demonstrates the advantages and uses of their product.

Search Engine Optimisation and More

Including video on your website increases the duration of visits; visitors to your website stay longer. This improves your google ranking, giving you the edge over your competitors. Visitors to your website are also more likely to make a purchase after they have watched your video.

The beauty of a video is also that it can shared. With the right video you can increase the numbers of people who see your product. Its important to think about who your audience is when you come up with an idea for your video, but get the right one and your target audience will be sending out to their friends.

And More…

And don’t forget there are other ways to promote your product via video too. Use it at a product launch, take it to an event, send it out to your existing customer base in email shots. Show all or part of it, you can even use it to tease a product campaign…

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