George Shaw: The Local

Artist George Shaw introduced his latest exhibition ‘The Local’ at The Box, Plymouth, including the inspiration and creativity behind his work.

The Box On Screen: Dame Barbara Hepworth

Filming at the Barbara Hepworth Musuem

Discover the history and legacy that is Dame Barbara Hepworth in this new instalment of The Box on Screen, filmed in the stunning St Ives.

Breaking the Mould: The Box

Three metal statues depicting two woman and a child. Next to it is a orange top with a dagger framed on the wall.

The ‘Breaking the Mould’ exhibition is the latest from The Box that showcases sculptures created by women since 1945.

Long Ago when Tigers Smoked: The Box

A wooden tiger puppet with its mouth open

Zadie Xa ‘Long Ago when Tigers Smoked’ is the latest in The Box’s wide range of exciting exhibitions at Plymouth’s museum. Soundview recently had the chance to check it out and learn more about its history.

Falklands 40: The Box

A wide shot the the Falkland Island San Carlos landscape

Soundview worked with The Box and their vast archives to commemorate 40 years since The Falkland War.

The Elizabethan House: The Box

Male statues looking away from the camera, being lit up from a orange glow

Soundview worked alongside the team at The Box to create a teaser video, showing off the attraction and inviting young and old to come and explore.

Songlines: Tracking The Seven Sisters

songlines artwork

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters is a one of a kind exhibition, hosted at The Box, Plymouth, its first stop on its European tour. Soundview was once again trusted to work closely alongside the museum and document some of the highlights of its Ocean City stop.

Nudge Community Builders: The Millennium

the millennium building ceiling

The Millennium building located on Union Street, Plymouth is getting a Nudge into a new life thanks to Nudge Community Builders.

Camille Walala

Camille walala smiling with her artwork in the background

Soundview was fortunate to not only film the arrival of a royal visit from HRH The Princess Royal but interview renowned artist Camille Walala on her new artwork outside of The Box, Plymouth!

The Box Big Screen: Behind the Scenes

the box display of older film equipment

Discover how Soundview created the big screen content for The Box. Plymouth Media Lab in this exciting behind the scenes video.