The Food and Drink industry in the South West is flourishing. There’s increasing demand for the finest fare that the region can offer. The South West of England is a world recognised destination and its high quality produce is a huge part of  brand “South West”. Video is an excellent way to celebrate that produce and should be part of any marketing  strategy. Nothing tells the story of a product like video.

As a South West video production company, we have been lucky enough to work with some of the best producers and chefs in the region. Whether award winning restaurateurs such as Rick Stein and Nathan Outlaw or those working to produce the finest ingredients, Soundview has been on hand to film them. So we thought it was about time to put together a Food and Drink showreel.

Food and Drink Showreel

Our food and drink showreel features businesses throughout the South West: from lobster fishermen in Cornwall to Palmers Brewery in Dorset. There is an amazing range of produce that originates from the region. Not only the traditional food and drink you might expect from the West of England, but also wine and champagne. And as well as being enjoyed locally, that produce has found a place in global markets. We filmed with Favis of Salcombe who export their crab to China. They use video to tell the story of their family run business and excellent produce. Of course the Devon coastline makes an important appearance, it’s part of the Favis story.

And this is a good recipe (pardon the pun) for any food or drink video: featuring the place and people involved in its creation.  The South West has stunning landscapes and coast so many of our food and drink films feature shots and aerial views of the region. But our work also often features the producers, people passionate about their product, who can best tell their unique story.

Locations for Filming

Whether filming a catch or preparation of a main course,  location matters.  We’ve filmed at sea, in vineyards, kitchens and markets, the latter as part of a series of films forEngland’s Seafood Coast. Of course this series meant filming fish from catch to table. And we were lucky enough to spend the day at the beach with Mitch Tonks as he prepared, on a barbecue, mackerel caught minutes before. He cooks and talks through the recipe, using easily and locally sourced ingredients, inviting viewers to visit the area  and do the same. You can see that film here.


Our work with other Destination Marketing Organisations such as Visit Cornwall and Visit Dorset has also meant that we’ve filmed at some of the South West’s fantastic food festivals, a growing phenomenon. These events have been opportunities to catch the chefs in action. As does our work with Restaurants and Pubs throughout the region. Of course, there’s nothing quite like filming top chefs in action to make a camera operator hungry!

We hope you enjoy our showreel, as much as we enjoyed the shoots.  Cheers!

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