Green Build Hub is a ground breaking project and our relationship with them goes back many years. So, we are really pleased to have produced two new videos for them highlighting their fantastic work.

The Green Build Hub

GBH is the home of  the Cornwall Sustainable Living Trust. It’s a living laboratory and training centre for sustainable building technology and practises. We first worked with them in 2012, when we covered the construction of their award winning base at the Eden project in Cornwall. Back then, the videos we made documented the build from concept to completion.

Recently, they got back in touch to ask if we could provide some additional promotional films. Our first job was to compile all of our material from initial meetings in 2012 to the completed building in 2016.  From this footage we made a film that told the story of the GBH from its inception to today.

We then created a shorter film that details all of the green technology installed and operating at the Hub. As well as providing vital information on sustainable building practises to the industry, GBH is open to the public.

The videos are to be featured on a new screen in the entrance to the Green Build Hub and will go alongside films from all of the companies who supplied the technology and supported the project from the start.

See more of our video production work.


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