Wild, beautiful and rich in history, the Tin Coast, Cornwall has so much to offer visitors. And now, through our series of videos and audio stories, they can learn more about this fascinating area.

The Tin Coast

A breath-taking landscape sculpted by both the elements and millennia of human industry, the Tin Coast is in West Penwith, Cornwall. It’s a World Heritage site, located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And it has many fascinating stories to share with visitors.

So to tell these stories, we made series of audio recordings and videos for our client the Tin Coast. And each features people with a passion for the area: those who are drawn to live and work there. The series plays a key role in helping visitors understand the  unique nature of this part of the South West of England. We travelled to West Penwith to film and record on location.

10 Stories

There are 10 narratives in total and each chapter gives an insight into the area’s past and present. From chapter 1 ‘ A Remarkable People’, an audio recording that tells of a supportive and thriving community to chapter 10 ‘Wild Skies’ a video with two unique perspectives on the landscape of the Tin Coast. The series tells of a continuing and vibrant relationship between people and the land and aims to:

Evoke your sense of belonging with our collection of stories told by the people who are born to and drawn to the Tin Coast.

It was a great experience to work on such an important project and to hear such memorable and personal recollections. Thank-you to all of the contributors. You can find the series on the Tin Coast website, on their ‘Stories’ or in Cornish, ‘Drollys’ page.

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