Purple Tuesday 2020 – was it really a year ago when we last celebrated this important date in the calendar? As Covid 19 continues to affect businesses, now more than ever it’s a good time to remember the power of the purple pound and make positive change.

Purple Tuesday 2020

Purple Tuesday encourages organisations of all sizes and from all sectors to improve the customer experience for disabled people.  Participating organisations make public commitments to ensure the customer experience is accessible 365 days of the year. For example, this year Soundview’s commitment is to become a Disability Confident employer. We are already planning  for next year too – by improving the accessibility of our website.

Last year over 2500 businesses participated, reaching 13 million+ people on social media. Businesses can choose from a range of  commitments from customer service training to finding ways to improve physical spaces for disabled customers. Alternatively they can come up their own, just as we did. Becoming a Disability Confident employer means that we will actively support disabled employees.

The Purple Pound

In UK, the Purple Pound – that’s the spending power of disabled people and their families – is worth a staggering £274 billion. And estimates say that amount is rising by 14% per year. Yet, less than 10% of organisations have a targeted plan to access the disability market.

This is a huge missed opportunity as customer loyalty is really high amongst disabled consumers. If you can your customer experience right, you will have people returning again and again. Of course there are wider implications too. Research shows that an inclusive approach to your business creates the right impression for all of your customers.

So join us in celebrating this important day, and if you can, make that commitment.



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