We recently created a time-lapse video for Plymouth based company Babcock to showcase a high-profile engineering project. They wanted to share their work on social media and knew that time lapse video was the best way to do it.

The Project

The Babcock project involves underwater engineering work on HMS Bulwark. With approximately 100 engineers, 300 technicians and 60 Royal Navy personnel involved, it’s a major commission. The video shows HMS Bulwark docking, ready for the work to commence. Babcock opted for time-lapse video in order to keep the video short and social-media friendly.

We used several time-lapse cameras positioned in key locations. Two cameras on the dockside and one on-board Bulwark captured the main action. A quick edit, and the film was ready to launch on their social media platforms. So far, over 13,000 people have viewed the video on LinkedIn.

We’re delighted to have achieved this fantastic milestone. We’re looking forward to beginning the next phase of upkeep and continuing the progress made so far.”
Steve O’Mara, Head of Output – Amphibious and Fleet Time Warships

Who is Babcock?

Babcock is an international engineering company working primarily in the Defence, and Civil-Nuclear sectors. They have had a base at Devonport since 2007 and employ 35,000 people world-wide. Video plays an important part in communicating with their workforce and other stakeholders. So, a time-lapse video on social media is perfect for this.

You can find out more about the advantages of time-lapse video and see more of our work here. 








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