As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, capturing the last of the summer sun feels like it needs a lot of luck. Turns out, us at Soundview got very lucky filming a new destination video for Visit Totnes.

Planned in the hight of the summer season, we knew we would need to wait for that busy period to end. The joys of working later in September is the unpredictable English weather. We could of had grey skies with heavy downpours or just unbearable heat that makes you melt and more likely both.

Weather on our side?

For weeks, we had planned to film early in the morning along the River Dart to capture SUP and kayakers.

However, as the date grew closer and more accurate weather predictions came out, concerns grew as too if we could film a picturesque scene along the water.

With just a couple of days to go, we moved the two days around in the hope the weather worked out in out favour.

Well as you can see from the photos below, we got extremely lucky that we had the most amazing clear blue skies. Highlighting the beauty and scenic areas around Totnes.

Visit Totnes

Our latest destination video is another in our growing list of videos highlighting the wonderful areas in which they were filmed.

The film will show what activities can be done all year round, from kayaking to autumnal walks; fireside meals or discovering the independent shops on the high street.

We are really proud of how this one has turned out.

The final product shows the worth in waiting. Being able to to film in such alluring places with fantastic weather can make the whole filming experience such an enjoyable and memorable one.

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