Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At Soundview we’ve been lucky to work on projects and with individuals that have Sustainability at their heart. We wanted to celebrate them and their efforts to create a sustainable future.

Geothermal Engineering Limited

Geothermal Engineering Limited is bringing the most experienced geothermal engineers together with leading industry partners to develop the UK’s first large-scale geothermal energy plant in Cornwall. Our planet is a huge source of energy and Geothermal engineering taps into this to produce significant quantities of renewable electricity and heat. Unlike many current methods of generating power (oil, coal, nuclear), electricity from geothermal sources has low or no carbon emissions and a minimal physical foot print on the earth and is renewable! Our series of videos captured major milestones in this exciting project, including construction of the enormous rig and first drilling. GEL work hard on community engagement as well.

The Green Build Hub

Based at the Eden Project, the Green Build Hub was built to be a living laboratory for sustainable building practices and it’s also home to the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust. Soundview worked with the Green Build Hub to capture the construction of this state of the art facility. Importantly, the Hub practises what it preaches. It’s construction used sustainable materials and processes and we captured this in a series of films.

Green Build Hub aim to be base for training and degree courses while enabling green building and renewable energy suppliers to showcase and monitor innovative products. The centre is also open to the public and Eden visitors showcasing the latest sustainable building innovations.

Chris Hines MBE

Last but by no means least we want to mention Chris Hines. Chris, lobbyist and activist, has campaigned  tirelessly for sustainable solutions. We are currently working with Chris on the GEL project but our relationship with Chris goes back many years.

Our first collaboration was over 20 years ago, when he headed up Surfers Against Sewage. He was the star of our ITV Westcountry documentary ‘Riders on a Storm’. The film charted the work of this successful environmental pressure group.  Chris and his team worked tirelessly to hold water companies to account. The result? A £5.5 billion investment and cleaner oceans and beaches.

Promoting Sustainability

While still at ITV, we worked together to create a series of prime time features called ‘What a Waste’ which highlighted the benefits of recycling. Following the success of this work we created “What on Earth”, a series in 2002 to tie in with the Jo’Burg Earth Summit with ideas for sustainable living.  Then in 2009, Soundview’s first year, we collaborated on the  Blue Gym Initiative. The idea behind this project was to encourage use of coastal environment to improve health and well-being. We are proud to say that the promotional film we created with Chris won a Royal Television Society Award.

Chris has held a number of important roles, among them on the  Sustainability advisory panel to the BBC. He also spent many years working at the Eden Project as the Sustainability Director, where he drove ‘triple bottom line thinking’ at Eden. This is about achieving balance between environmental, social and financial elements. Chris’s work at Eden resulted in a  massive reduction in their landfill: up to 60%.

He has since gone on to help lots of other organisations become more sustainable in his role as Director of A Grain of Sand.  Committed to bringing about positive change, Chris continues to advise and support lots of projects including Geothermal Engineering Ltd. Chris’s passion for sustainability is inspiring and it’s great to be working with him again, long may it continue.

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