The Box Plymouth has a new Wampum exhibition for spring 2021.¬†Wampum: Stories from the Shells of Native America¬†opened during Plymouth’s History Festival, and we created a film to celebrate this important event.

New Wampum Exhibition Plymouth

The new Wampum exhibition introduces Wampanoag culture. These Native American people traditionally create significant cultural items, such as ceremonial belts, from Wampum beads, carved from shells. It was the Wampanoag that lived in north eastern America 400 years ago when the Mayflower landed. Thanks to their generosity, the passengers of the Mayflower survived.

The Wampum exhibition centres on a new Wampum belt created by the Wampanoag, alongside historic material from British museums. Throughout the exhibition, Wampanoag voices explore the cultural history of the people, today in America as well as their aspirations for the future and the impact of the colonial past.

The people who participated in the making of the new Wampum belt are sharing the story in the age-old oral tradition of the Wampanoag. The White Pine in the center tells our creation story – that we came from her roots more than 12,000 years ago to become the people of the dawn. This belt will preserve our stories for many generations of Wampanoag to come.

Paula Peters, SmokeSygnals and Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation


Our Work for the Box

The video is part of our ongoing work with The Box, Plymouth. It highlights the importance of the exhibition, its connection to the 2021 History Festival and was used on social media. Our association with The Box spans many years, from the time the original museum closed for its massive rebuild to today. For instance, some of our first Box films show the team packing up all the exhibits prior to closure.

You can find out more about our work for The Box on our video production page.



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