What’s in The Box Plymouth?  After years in the planning, design and construction, not to mention the delay caused by the pandemic, we can all find out. The new multi million pound museum and art gallery aka “The Box” welcomes visitors from September 28th 2020.
The above video launched the  brand for the first time all that time ago in 2017. So, it’s been a long wait but it’s definitely something to celebrate. And the team here at Soundview know because we have been filming each stage of its  journey.

Our Videos for The Box Plymouth

Like the launch video above, we have been on site capturing key moments. From the moment the old gallery and museum closed its doors to now, its grand reopening, we  were there . We have filmed the ‘packing up’ of exhibits and taking their museum on the road. Our video production team filmed the construction company as they first started digging. We even put on our masks and filmed while socially distanced during lockdown. All to keep the public and other stakeholders ‘in the know’ throughout.

Video Legacy

We are very proud to have been part of the amazing journey, from start to now (not finish as The Box continues to evolve). Our films are a video record and legacy of the vision and realisation of this fantastic project.  Not least because we have also created the showcase installation for  one of the galleries, the Media Lab. You  can find out about this in our recent blog.
Our work  has taken the form of regular update films. Each one showcases the hard work and progress that’s been going on behind the scenes. One of our favourites, below, shows the packing up of the wonderful (and sometimes weird) Natural History exhibits.

What’s in The Box

Aside from our new immersive film installation in the  Media Lab, there are a number of new and exciting gallery spaces to be enjoyed. there really is  something for everyone. Interested in Naval History? Check out the huge figureheads that greet visitors as they enter. The award winning restoration project to restore these has received national recognition. See just one of our restoration films below.

The Box has so much to offer visitors from contemporary art to a full scale replica of a Woolly Mammoth and each space tells amazing stories that centre around this great ocean city.  There really is something for everyone in The Box. Don’t just take our word for it, go see for yourself : To visit book your free ticket here.
You can find to more about our work with The Box and other clients on our video production page.
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