What better way to show potential customers your newly refurbished ferry than a video? This, our recent Brittany Ferries video production, shows what’s on offer to those who choose to sail on the Connemara. This cruise ship offers journeys between Cork and Santander in northern Spain and additional sailings between Cork and Roscoff. Connemara offers various cabin accommodation which can accommodate up to 4 people. Our film shows the comfortable cabins and facilities on board . Also featured in our film, the ship is pet-friendly and has specially designed accommodation for passengers with reduced mobility.

Brittany Ferries video production

We brought our 4k equipment, DJI Osmo and 360 rig to capture various angles and scenes from inside the vast ship. Our films were produced with English, Spanish and French subtitles for passengers from all routes to understand what they can expect on the Connemara. For example, in our film you get to see the wonderful selection of food and drink as well as the extensive range of products in the shop.

Our film featured on the official Brittany Ferries' Connemara page!

Our film featured on the official Brittany Ferries’ Connemara page!

360 VR production

We took the opportunity while onboard to set up our 360 cameras in the rooms, restaurant, bar and shop. Our 360 film highlights the amazing facilities and it will also be displayed on the Brittany Ferries’ website soon.

We faced some challenges with shooting 360 on the ship, such as the shop being quite compact. This affects the 360 stitching process as the passengers passing by would be closer than the minimum 1 metre distance. We used other methods and post-production tools to find a solution and overcome these challenges.


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