We are talking about Virtual Reality at this year’s  Visit Cornwall Tourism Summit . The event, held at The Headland Hotel, Newquay, is the number one tourism gathering in Cornwall’s calendar with representatives from 300+ tourism businesses. They are there to learn about future tourism trends. One of the key themes of this year’s event is Immersive Tourism. ‘Sight-seeing’ has been replaced by ‘sight-doing’; What is this, you might ask. Well, 21st century visitors  want to ‘experience’ destinations. They want to engage with the places they visit in new and exciting ways.

Immersive Tourism: VR

With this in mind, we are addressing the audience on the potential of Virtual Reality to increase engagement. Our talk will showcase our interactive virtual reality tour of Geevor Tin Mine. Despite the obstacles to access that a mine represents, this installation makes the world heritage site accessible to all. Now, every visitor to Geevor can experience all of the sights and sounds of the  amazing world heritage site. Not only that, but they can ‘fly’ through the tunnels and over the mine in virtual reality. The tour has been a great success, making visits to Geevor a positive experience for everyone.

St Just's Mayor Wearing Geevor VR Tour Headset

St Just’s Mayor Wearing Geevor VR Tour Headset

2020 Visit Cornwall Summit

The 2020 Visit Cornwall Tourism Summit is all about opportunities to develop tourism for the future. The keynote speaker is Will Higham. As the author of the book ‘The Next Big Thing’, Will is one of the world’s most respected behavioural futurists. His work explores the effect of technology on consumer attitudes and behaviours. In addition, Visit Cornwall will present the results of 2040 Tourism Futures, a review of the development priorities for Cornish tourism.  So, a forward looking event that we are very pleased to be a part of.

Find our more about our work with Immersive Technology and our Geevor Accessible tour.

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