If you’ve never been to a world tourism expo it’s hard to describe just how big these things are. It’s like visiting the whole world, under one roof, all in one day. And Soundview found that this year’s annual tourism show Vakantiebeurs was no exception. Vakantiebeurs is in Utrecht in Holland and it is always a great opportunity to see how global destinations are showcasing their products. Aimed at travel buyers and the general public, destinations from all over the world exhibit at this prestigious event.

VR video promotes destinations central arena

Vakantiebeurs 2018 central arena.

VR video promotes destinations

The old world meets the new world at Vakantiebeurs and no global expo would be complete without a Virtual Reality arena. Samsung has teamed up with Fox to transport visitors to all corners of the planet – in a virtual sense at least. Soundview were particularly interested to see what they were doing as they have created VR 360 video for a number of their destination clients. At the event, Gareth Allen, Soundview’s Managing Director said:

VR is the perfect way for people to be inspired by destinations. You can experience the sites and sounds of far off places or indeed those closer to home. In fact it gives travellers an extraordinary opportunity to get a really good feel for what the world has to offer them. VR is a travel marketing device like no other.

The South West big hit at Vakantiebeurs

It was great to see the South West represented at the expo: Visit Cornwall, Visit Devon and The English Riviera were there. Because the South West is a firm favourite with Dutch travellers, it makes a lot of sense to be there. Dutch visitors love our magnificent coasts and glorious countryside, and who can blame them? Soundview has created bespoke video content to support the show, creating films with Dutch translations as well as VR 360 films for England’s Seafood Coast.

Another part of the South West was represented too. Destination Plymouth were also at the show promoting Mayflower 400. These celebrations commemorate the sailing of the Mayflower to North America in 1620. Many of the passengers on board the Mayflower had previously fled Holland to try to escape religious persecution. 2020 will see the climax of these commemorations with many events planned on both sides of the Atlantic.

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