Yes, it’s nearly here. This year, Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 6th February 2018. This is a day when millions of students and adults across the UK  learn about being safe online. Soundview worked with the  Safer Internet Centre to create a series of films for Safer Internet Day. These films will be watched in UK schools around the country and they are available online at SID TV.

SID TV Safer Internet Day 2018

The Safer Internet Centre supply Education Packs which include the SID TV video series aimed at children and parents. The films complement the other learning resources and generate discussion. As videos connect with audiences in a fun way, the SID TV films are a great way for children and adults to understand the message. This is our fourth year working with the Safer Internet Centre and we are proud to see numbers of people watching growing each year.


SID TV 2018 Safer Internet Day. Gareth and Chris filming puppets Red and Murphy from SID TV.

Soundview video Red and Murphy for 5-7 year old SID TV film.

Wherever the children are on this day, whether they are at school, at home or visiting their local library, they can access the resources. It is a really important campaign and each year the focus is different. This year’s theme is “healthy online relationships and digital well-being”. There are five fun videos are aimed at audiences from 3 years old to adults, each exploring this theme.

Sid TV Safer Internet Day 2018. Peter from the Safer Internet Centre teaching school children about online safety.

Peter from the Safer Internet Centre teaching online safety.

So get ready for what’s bound to be a great day.  See our blog about making these films and last year SID TV here:

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