South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016-2017

SoundView are pleased to announce that they will be sponsors of this year’s Active and Sporting category at  the South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016-2017. The South West offers visitors fantastic opportunities to actively enjoy the region. All ages can experience the South West, whether on land or in the sea in a way that gets their hearts pumping and brings smiles to their faces.

Why Active and Sporting? Well we quite like getting wet ourselves-surfing in the South West has been a passion for years but we have had so many great opportunities to video watersports of all sorts (like the ones above)  in the South West that we felt it was something that represented our business and that we are committed to. The above surfing video, filmed at Fistral in Newquay, Cornwall features aerial video which is a regular part of our video productions for businesses in Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon.

South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016-2017

Last year’s  South West’s tourism awards attracted 490 entries with over 100 winners and 26 going on to become national finalists, the 2016/17 cycle has started and hospitality businesses across the South West are invited to enter. 2016 sees new awards for Glamping, for individual Self Catering properties and for Dog Friendly businesses. Other categories include Spas and Wellbeing, Active & Sporting experience, Artistic, Cultural & Learning Experience, Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, B&Bs, Hotels, Attractions, Business Tourism, Holiday Parks, Customer Service, Accessibility, Tourist Information and Sustainability.

The Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, new Bristol, Bath & Somerset, and South West awards are all independent, but linked in that winners from the county awards are fast-tracked into the South West awards, with most South West winners submitted to the national VisitEngland awards. Entry is free, the programmes being funded by a range of sponsors and partners, and all entrants receive feedback.

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