We learned this week about the success of our videos for the South West Coast Path. Our videos and 360° virtual reality films support their recent marketing campaign. And it’s been a big success. Check out what their recent report says:

To accompany the itineraries, we also developed a range of digital resources including videos,  immersive 360° virtual reality (VR) films and an app. These proved particularly valuable when attending travel and trade shows as the interactive elements attracted a great deal of footfall to our stand. At the end of June we’d achieved over 1,800 views for the 360° films.

We also created six 90-second films to promote each itinerary and one complete overview film to display at travel and trade shows as well as promote online and on social media. In fact, our overview film is the most popular we have ever posted with a reach in excess of 100,000 over 38,000 views and over 500 likes!

Soundview are really pleased that the campaign has worked. In fact, the report tells of a massive rise in interest amongst overseas visitors. And the figures are impressive: a 92% increase on the website from German visitors and 190% increase from Dutch visitors.

Video Marketing South West Coast Path, How?

When our client published its new walking itineraries, they also released our supporting videos. These introduce each section of Path to whet the appetite for anyone planning their trip. An overview video knitted these together and was used at events as well as on their website and social media.  The videos are a compilation of aerial shots, footage from the Path itself and clips of interesting activities to do along the way. All of which are brought it to life with music and illustrations. With subtitles added, these worked for all audiences.

The South West Coast Path  also commissioned us to make VR films. Using this innovative technology, visitors to their stand in a trade show in the Netherlands, found themselves standing on a beach in Cornwall! The 360° films are also  available on their  YouTube channel where audiences can swipe to see the 360 degree views. Finally, with a VR headset, people can immerse themselves in this virtual reality world.

Soundview is a company that specialises in video marketing South West destinations and businesses. Find out more about our work with the South West Coast Path here.


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