Video marketing South West destinations is a real pleasure.

Especially when a spell of beautiful weather means that the South West looks its best. So what better time than this to film destinations for our clients? We have been busy capturing the region for our tourism clients this month. Here, you can see some of the locations we have filmed two TV advertisements for the English Riviera.

Ilsham Drive video marketing South West

Ilsham Drive with Go pro attached.

At last, the wind has dropped and the sun is out. With trees in bloom, and calm seas, the region looks stunning. Perfect conditions to capture aerial video of Torquay marina, Devon, and the famous Ilsham Drive for the English Riviera adverts. Then as the sun set, we filmed our actors  in the Rockfish restaurant, Torquay.

Our actors at Rockfish restaurant overlooking Torquay harbour.

sunset over pierpoint restaurant

Sunset over Pier Point restaurant

Video marketing South West Tourism

Video marketing South West tourism, destinations and attractions is something that we specialise in. Over eight years we have had the pleasure of working with many prestigious clients from this sector. Every project is different and for each one we capture the very best of what they offer.

And for this most recent project we have done just that. The light has been, quite literally, brilliant and we have filmed from dawn (Anstey’s Cove) to Dusk (Torquay harbour). Of course our aerial video drone has been busy, taking in the views over land and sea to get the best shots. And we’ve filmed our actors jumping in the ocean, strolling on the promenade and sitting in the Jacuzzi. It’s been a really successful shoot and we are now working hard to get those  two adverts for the English Riviera ready in time to attract visitors!

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