Crealy Adventure Park and Resort has over 60 rides and attractions promising a full day of family fun. They wanted to promote some of the thrilling experiences. For Crealy 360 video was the best way to do this. So we took our 360 camera kit and captured 9 of the rides and attractions in 360 video.

The team at Crealy requested a series of Point of View and 360 films to feature on their website and social media. ¬†Using a Fusion 360 camera, we could capture all of the action. We visited the park in the early hours before it opened to take a look at the rides and calculate how we would mount our new 360 kit onto them safely. We were able to determine that we could securely mount the Fusion 360 to 9 of Crealy’s top rides. These included; Driving School, Jolly Roger, Shark Bay, Twister, Vortex, Maximus, Adventure Zone, Log Flume and Aqua Blaster.


Crealy 360 video and POV films

The Fusion 360 really captured the thrill you can experience on the rides. For the POV films we used the Overcapture technique to change the direction and field of view within a 2 dimensional format. This gives us the unique opportunity to spin the image around, making the viewer look from one perspective to another. This worked most effectively in the Log Flume POV where you can see the steep incline from behind and swing back around to see the drop that’s about to come up. For the Adventure Zone POV, we filmed everything from a child’s perspective using GoPro action cameras.



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