Our 2020 vision certainly includes immersive technology in a big way. It’s transformed the way we work over the past decade and, as we look forward to this new year, we know it will play a huge part in what we do in the future. If we think back on the last decade, there have been incredible developments in immersive technology. At Soundview, we’ve been able to creatively use an amazing array of gadgets that we could only previously dream of. From Drones that capture stunning aerial video to action cams that you can take underwater or to extreme environments, this technology has transformed how our videos look. Then there’s 360 cameras and virtual reality headsets that have altered the way our audiences are consuming that video.

Let’s not forget that in the last decade we also saw the possibility to instantly watch and share 4k footage. And that whole sharing thing, wow, when we set up our business in 2009,  the idea of streaming full quality video online was pushing it a bit, let alone on your mobile phone, using a 4 or 5G signal. What tech will we take for granted as we approach 2030?

360 and Virtual Reality Video

At Soundview we’re already discovering the opportunities that exist in 360 and Virtual Reality video. This is something that was definitely not on our radar in 2010! For example, take 360 VR video tour Cornwall work with Geevor Tin Mine. With the introduction of an interactive Virtual Reality tour more visitors to this world heritage site can enjoy the mine experience than ever before. And then there’s our 360 VR video Devon work for Crealy-visitors to their website can take a virtual tour of the rides. And we know these immersive experiences are working because Geevor went out and bought more headsets so even more people can take the tour, and Crealy’s films have been viewed  over 25,000 times!

Development: Inclusivity and Interactivity

We are really excited by the potential of these immersive technologies. Particularly VR , and how it can improve inclusivity. Whether as a way of visiting a place of interest or as a therapeutic tool, VR could be the answer. And as the interactivity of this technology advances, there’s the possibility for these to be social experiences. In fact, our 2020 vision is to use VR in a way that opens up more experiences to more people, with the potential  to share those adventures, exciting!

Happy New Year everyone – what will be your 2020 vision?

See more of our 360 virtual reality work here.

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