What’s the best way to use 360 VR video? Whether you choose to view 360 VR video on a laptop, mobile device or through a VR headset, the technology is exciting and adaptable.  If you take our clients, there are broadly three categories, and plenty of crossover between them. Let’s take a look:

1 Using VR Video for Marketing

360 VR video works as a marketing tool because it gives an immersive experience. Some of our clients use their VR videos at industry and marketing events. Others on their websites. And in fact the a 360 film can do both so that potential clients, buyers or visitors get a real sense of their product or destination: It’s the next best thing to being there, as we say.

South West Coast Path Association the Falkland Island Tourist Board

The South West Coast Path Association and the Falkland Island Tourist Board know that there’s a lot of competition at international travel expos. They want to make sure that they stand out. The aim is to attract travel and tourism buyers who are on the look out for potential destinations.  So, both decided to use 360 VR video. This not only generates interest, and gets more buyers to their stand, but also gives a great sense of what their beautiful destinations have to offer.

For SWCPA, we took our 360 camera to Porthcurno in Cornwall, not only a beautiful beach, but also site of the famous Minack Theatre. The VR videos, viewed through headsets on their exhibition stand gave buyers a unique insight and worked exactly how they hoped it would:

We developed a range of digital resources including immersive 360° virtual reality (VR) films. These proved particularly valuable when attending travel and trade shows as the interactive elements attracted a great deal of footfall to our stand.

Elaine Budd, Project Manager, South West Coast Path Association

For a real ‘wow’ factor, the FITB videos features close encounters with enormous elephant seals and penguins.

Visit South Devon Tourism and Crealy Theme Park and Resort

Visit South Devon and  Crealy both saw the potential for promoting their destinations through 360 video on their websites. We produced a series of 360 films each of our clients  that show the amazing  experiences on offer.

2 Using VR Video for Access

Whether heritage site or construction site, there are lots places that are not easy to get around.  Wheelchair access maybe impossible. Or sometimes a site simply isn’t safe enough for the public to have full access.  A 360 VR video, however, can be a simple solution to this, and mean that more people can experience those special places.

Heritage Ability

Heritage Ability aim to make heritage sites all over the South West accessible to more people. For example, they have created a 360 VR video tour for visitors to Geevor, a Cornish tin mine. This means that the whole mine, even the parts with stepped access and narrow tunnels can be experienced by all. They’ve also invested in some of their own 360 VR camera equipment. So now even more heritage sites can create VR videos  in order to overcome difficult access.

Hangloose Adventures

Hangloose Adventures in Cornwall offer a permanent VR video installation: their ‘VR EXTREME’. This means that customers, who may not be able too access all of their high adrenaline activities can enjoy the experiences on offer from their visitor centre. Here’s part of the full film:

3 VR Video for Education

The application of 360 VR technology in education is developing all of the time. From uses in the lecture theatres and the classroom to community engagement programmes, VR has the potential to help people understand in an immersive and exciting way.

Geothermal Engineering Limited

Currently exploring geothermal energy deep under Cornwall, GEL are using 360 VR video to engage with schools and the local community. Not only is the project a huge construction site but much of what happens, happens underground. So in order to help people understand their vision and what’s happening in this exciting project Gel are using 360 VR video.

The virtual reality video is a spectacular way to get to the heart of the project and it has received praise from everyone who has seen it.

Peter Ledingham, Managing Director, GeoScience Limited

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