Now we’re guessing you’ve probably never had the opportunity to hang out with penguins and elephant seals in the wild. Well fortunately we have and soon others will have a chance to join us: in virtual reality at least. Soundview has been filming 360/VR video content in the Falkland Islands for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board. The films will be available as web content and for use at tourism conventions.
The wildlife encounters in the Falklands are incredible. You can get close up with all sorts of birds and mammals including elephant seals and dolphins. There are five resident species of penguins on the islands. So when the Falkland Islands Tourism Board commissioned us to create videos to promote the islands, we knew we had to capture all that fantastic wildlife in 360 VR.

Wildlife 360 Virtual Reality Video | Penguin vs Camera

We have been filming VR and 360 video in the colonies around the islands.  In terms of penguins, so far we’ve filmed with Rockhoppers and  Gentoos . At first the penguins  are quite shy, but once you’ve settled down they are very curious and want to come and see what you are doing. They waddle up and start sticking their beak in, quite literally. In this picture at the top you can see one of the Gentoos having a peck at one of our VR cameras. This is priceless footage and  allows the viewer a really immersive experience when watching in VR or 360.
Penguins are amazing creatures to observe, their behaviour is very cute. Watching them chase each other around the colony is very funny. On another occasion we got up at dawn to capture these superb sunrise pics with the same Gentoo colony. This picture of “kissing penguins” is an adult feeding its chick. We managed to get this angle by accident. The GoPro camera was actually filming a sunrise timelapse sequence, when once again a couple of birds decided to check it out. They pecked the camera to the ground, and then what happened was priceless. No longer interested in the camera, they start feeding and preening, while the camera continues to roll beneath them.

Next: King Penguins

These are the moments when a  film maker  jumps for joy. Observing the natural behaviour of magnificent creatures, who’ve made your job very easy for you is extremely exciting.  Our VR  next assignment is with the elegant King Penguins, they’re very elegant creatures and no less curious, I wonder what interesting angles we’ll get this time.
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