Net(Work) Zero Plymouth: A New Networking Event

We are proud to be hosting a new and exciting networking event called Net(Work) Zero Plymouth which gives members the opportunity for some informal conversations about sustainability and the space to share their tips and tricks on working towards net zero.

Net(Work) Zero Plymouth

Net(Work) Zero provides a unique space for businesses interested in sustainability while making valuable connections. In 2022 SoundView joined  The Low Carbon Devon project, where we hosted a climate change intern. In the video above you can see how that internship was just the start of  our sustainability journey.  Now we’re encouraging others to recognise the importance of embracing sustainable practices.

As we all adapt to a changing climate, the need to reduce our carbon footprints and adopt more sustainable practices is becoming more urgent. Net(Work) Zero acts as a welcoming space for businesses looking to stay informed about sustainable practices, while building partnerships that contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

page 27 in the low carbbon devon downloadable booklet

Forging connections through shared values

Businesses are realising the significance of aligning their practices with Net-Zero goals. Net(work) Zero acts a place to bring together professionals who share a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. It’s our hope that each member becomes a vital part of a broader narrative, contributing to a sustainable future through networking, collaboration, and sharing their top tips.

Man in and around flowers holding a camera

Breaking down the barriers of sustainability at Net(Work) Zero

Through  discussions, participants can explore innovative solutions, share success stories, and collectively address challenges faced on the journey to net-zero emissions. Don’t be daunted by the complexities of sustainability; Net(Work) Zero is open for anyone who cares about the planet!

We recognise that sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all concern. Our event is a collaborative journey, and you are able to tailor it to suit the unique needs and objectives you are looking for. From green energy solutions to eco-friendly supply chains, Net(Work) Zero is the place where your business can grow.

So, if you care about people, sustainability and the planet come along to Net(Work) Zero and meet like minded people!

Check-out more about our sustainability journey 

Our Youtube channel hosts a huge range of exciting videos – watch them now and see just what we are capable of!


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