New Visit Cornwall Videos for G7 Summit

With all eyes on Cornwall as the G7 summit approaches, Visit Cornwall is making the most of the opportunity.  It's launched a media and travel trade website aimed at attracting visitors.  The website features  loads of exciting content, including our series of new Visit Cornwall videos showcasing the region. These films are our most recent work for the destination  in a relationship that spans over ten years. To be asked to help to promote the region at such a pivotal moment was an immense privilege.
a group of people stood in front of a harbour being filmed by two men in high vis and video production equipment.

New Visit Cornwall Videos for International and National Audiences

Created this spring over a six week period, the series of films explore the wealth of things to see and do in Cornwall. Aimed at both home and overseas audiences, they cover a range of activities that visitors can enjoy all year round from art, theatre and food to the exploring the great outdoors. Not only did we get to film in fantastic locations but we also got to meet some brilliant contributors, all of whom spoke about a region that is rich in culture and natural beauty.

Kurt Jackson in his seen gallery on location for new Visit Cornwall videos

Artist Kurt Jackson.

For the Art film, we interviewed Kurt Jackson and his son-in law Fynn Tucker at their St Just gallery. They spoke about Cornwall’s inspiring landscapes and its magnetism to artists. We also interviewed chef Jack Stein for our food and drink film. Like his father Rick Stein before him, Jack runs several  restaurants and a cookery school in Padstow. He explained the connection between to region’s natural resources and its cuisine. We returned to Geevor Tin Mine to film with local celebrity and Cornwall councillor Loveday Jenkins, an expert in Cornish language who told of Cornwall’s rich cultural heritage. Not all of our contributors were celebrities, however, but every one of them fabulous. A particularly memorable occasion involved filming the Stuns’ls (a Cornish shanty group) on Mevagissey harbour one gloriously sunny evening

Jack Stein On location for new Visit Cornwall videos April 21

Jack Stein at the Cookery School Padstow.

The Stuns'ls on location at Mevagissey Harbour for new Visit Cornwall videos April 21

The Stuns’ls on location at Mevagissey Harbour.

Foreign Language Videos for G7 Audiences

Among the new Visit Cornwall videos are several called ‘Welcome to Cornwall’. These were created specifically for audiences from the G7 countries: America, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Japan. The English language film features  local presenter and actress Jenny Beare. Star of the 2020 Visit Cornwall “Time to Reflect’ film, we returned to Jenny for her amazing screen presence and gorgeous accent. In our other G7 focused films, we featured presenters who have made Cornwall their home but originate from either France, Germany or Japan. Speaking their native language, who better to explain what is special about Cornwall than those who chose to live there? Thanks to Jenny, Ugo, Sho, Delphine and Britta for explaining why they love Cornwall. In fact thanks to all who contributed to this project. We really could not have done it without you.

The new films sit on the website alongside our earlier films made for Visit Cornwall (proving that video is a great long-term investment). We wish Visit Cornwall the greatest success in attracting visitors, for now from the UK , but as travel opens up from further afield.

See more of our video production work.

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