Plymouth History Centre Packing

The Plymouth History Centre is a planned development for 2020 that will celebrate the history of Plymouth, Devon and provide a purpose built exhibition space for the artefacts that are held by Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. 2020 marks 400 years since the Plymouth pilgrims left Europe for America and the opening will be part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations taking place in the UK, Holland and the United States of America.

Plymouth History Centre Packing Up Our video

Our video shows the city Museum staff and volunteers  busily wrapping and packing and making discoveries along the way. The Museum will soon be closed to the public and all of the exhibits and artefacts kept in storage are being moved to a safe place. this ensures their survival while major building work takes place, in the form of a huge extension to the existing historic buildings.

The plans will transform the area to the north of the city centre and means that finally the great collection of objects, paintings, scientific collections and film archives will all be located in one easily accessible place. Meanwhile the staff will be cataloguing all the discoveries (hidden at the back of shelves)  found as a result of the temporary move.

Proud of our collaboration

As a Plymouth video production company Soundview are proud to be get a chance to capture Plymouth History Centre packing up and we are honoured to be working with them to video the development of this prestigious project as it progresses. Our first video announced to an excited MTV Crashes crowd that the History Centre was coming and invited people to be part of the story. A subsequent video presented the 3D model using our Osmo camera to get a bird’s eye view of how the site will look on completion. We look forward to making future videos with Plymouth History Centre.


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